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Whether you’re starting from scratch, growing your system, or replacing the whole thing… we can supply and support the right IT hardware and software. Every IT system needs hardware and software – Workstations for work force, servers to run centralized applications; data storage devices; switches and routers to transfer data; and of course cabling.


Whether we’re supplying a single server or an entire system, our approach is the same: we always start with you and your needs.  That’s why we don’t supply a standard hardware and software package – instead, we create precisely the system you need. That’s not only the best way; it’s also the most cost-effective.

The right infrastructure means fewer maintenance issues and less downtime. It also means your system can grow with your business, so you’re less likely to have to replace everything in future.

If you’re upgrading your IT hardware or software, we can help migrate your system, so the change is as seamless as possible.  We can also take away your old hardware and software for recycling.

We provide a wide range of IT hardware and software services, outsourced IT support and IT solutions. To make it easier to understand what we do, we’ve divided our services into three areas; You can browse through the list below for a clear understanding.

IT Support and Management

We offer ongoing IT support – from providing a full outsourced IT service, to being an extra resource for your IT department.

- Business IT support. You focus on running your business: we’ll take care of the IT.  We can also work as an extension of your IT department if you have one.

- School and college IT support.  We can provide specialist IT support for education, helping primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities in all areas.

- Support packages. Choose the ongoing IT support level that’s right for you. You can also inquire details of our expert repair service.

Managed IT Services

These are single services, which we constantly monitor and manage for you. Choose whichever you need, or add them to your support package.

- E-mail filtering to prevent viruses and spam

- E-mail archiving – efficient storage to fulfill your legal requirements

- E-mail encryption and secure file transfer to keep your e-mailed data files safe

- Anti-virus – defending your IT system against attacks

- Back-up – for peace of mind that your data is safe

IT Solutions

These services and systems help you address particular IT and business challenges, and tend to be undertaken as one-off projects.

- Power-efficient solutions.  Save energy with some of the most power-efficient IT hardware and software on the market.

- IT hardware and software – workstations, servers, routers, cabling and data storage

- Data storage.  We can design the most efficient data storage system for you

- Virtualisation.  Save hardware and software costs, space, energy, and maintenance fees

- Business continuity / disaster recovery.  We’ll help you create a plan for peace of mind should the worst happen.

- Data encryption.  Ensure the security of data copied to disks and USBs.

- Firewall.  Inspect and protect your entire IT system from intrusions before it happens.

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